Purify – The New Alternative to Clean Master App

Purify – The New Alternative to Clean Master App

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Improve Your Android Phone’s Performance with Purify App

Purify App LogoPurify App is an Android program that’s used to clean unnecessary files from your phone, as well as optimizing memory and providing the ultimate speed booster for stress-free usage. The application is also helpful in managing other apps that you might have installed on the phone.

This software is a great alternative to Clean Master and is currently used by hundreds of people all around the world. Once installed on your phone, it will make it run like brand new with no slow response time to worry about. Apart from junk files, the app can also remove cache data and free unused RAM so as to improve the device’s performance.

Just like Clean Master, the Purify App is designed to safeguard your privacy, improve phone user experience and enhance security with real-time protection powered by the advanced notification system.

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1. Speed Booster

All phones eventually become slower with time due to file and data overload. This can cause delays in opening apps, changing settings and performing any other task. However, with Purify’s Speed Booster, you can quickly declutter, eliminate duplicate files and basically tidy up your smartphone to keep it in top-notch condition.

Additionally, the Speed Booster is designed to search for and remove traces of files/directories from applications that you have already uninstalled.

Not to mention that it also scans for recognized file-types and locations which can easily be deleted without causing any problems, users can also make their own settings on the particular files that they want to clean.

Furthermore, Speed Boost makes your phone to run much faster by using a special command system that helps in releasing empty pages, without losing any data in the process.

2. Battery Saver with CPU Cooler

This system cools down the device’s temperature and regulates CPU usage by temporarily halting any overheating apps. There also a Battery Saver that helps in extending battery life, by analyzing power status and hibernating running apps so as to save on overall consumption.

Additionally, there’s a Charge Master feature that instantly shows news headlines and other important app messages when your phone is charging. Including the iSWIPE-Quick mode that allows you to access other apps and tools in a flash.

3. Efficient Junk File Cleaning

It’s quick in cleaning up junk, residual files and cache data so as to create more storage space. Purify App also has a Notification Cleaner system that blocks and removes junk notifications.

It prevents trash notifications from slowing down your phone, while also boosting performance by freeing up RAM and fixing irregular app behaviors with just a single button push.

4. Comes with an App Manager

Purify has a convenient App Manager that works the same way as that of Clean Master, this feature is used to back up files and uninstall unnecessary apps. It’s also linked to a Game Booster system that’s useful in managing games and accelerating their loading speed as well.

How to use it

Getting started:

If you are planning to install Purify App for the first time, then there are certain things you need to know about the software. First, this application is available for free on the Google Play store and is also compatible with a variety of Android devices. To begin, you must first download, install and run the app on your device.

Thereafter, an initial scan will look at what the software describes as ‘junk’, such as cached information and data no longer required by apps like Facebook and Twitter.

Purify provides a clear breakdown of all the files that are to be deleted, including how much space shall be freed up. Simply click on the ‘Clean Junk’ button and all unnecessary data will disappear, thereby releasing chunks of storage space and improving overall performance.

Likewise, on the top right corner there’s a button written ‘Advanced’, which when tapped upon will give you a whole range of additional options. Clean Master also has a similar feature, though it’s often found in multiple sections, and sometimes even under different headings and different names.

A) Activating Storage and RAM

To do this, you must go to the Home Screen page of your Purify App then tap on the RAM and Storage buttons for extra features. Storage function provides a shortcut to remove any temporary app programs, it’s also a great way to erase redundant apps and other associated data.

The software lists all apps by size, with the largest one coming first followed by the rest. Simply tap on the one you want, followed by ‘Delete’ button at bottom of your screen. By doing so, the unnecessary app will be deleted from your phone forever, including all its related data.

For even more options, scroll down on the same page to see the features that are available for you. It works just like Clean Master by looking for duplicate photos to erase, as well as old APK files that you don’t need.

Furthermore, Purify highlights music folders it assumes you don’t play anymore, alongside videos that you haven’t watched for long and applications it thinks are becoming old or obsolete.

B) Updating your profile

To start a profile page, you must first sign-up for the Purify App cloud storage platform which is available with free 2 GB of storage. This account will also automatically backup any photos that are taken from your phone.

In addition, your profile has the Settings menu which lists a variety of Purify App programs all in one place. Rather than constantly checking through the main Menu for notifications of unnecessary information, you can use the profile page instead.

Furthermore, there are home screen app short-cuts that can be added on your smartphone screen by activating some of Purify App’s features. For instance, the ‘1 Tap Hibernate’ icon ensures that all apps chosen under Battery Saver mode are closed, so that battery power is not wasted. Whereas ‘1 Tap Boost’ swiftly closes any redundant processes.

In conclusion, Purify is a convenient phone-cleaning app that closely resembles Clean Master and also serves many other functions. It’s available on the Android store. The Purify App is compatible with almost all Android OS systems, thus making it suitable for most smartphone users.

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